Natalia Wilkoszewska

Creative Director


Natalia has extensive experience in creating new brands as well as helping the existing ones grow. Her marketing and creative background gained from working with wide array of clients ranging from small enterprises to established brands, gives her deep understanding of businesses at different stages of development. She holds the strong belief in the vital role of creative communication in raising buinsesses strengths. She has completed many successful projects as a part of Torc Limited where she is a co-founder/director, as well as more niche but highly creative pieces via Natka Studio. She is proud to be part of Festival Formula team and hopes to serve them well as a Creative Director.

Projects she was involved in as part of branding, online and offline marketing and illustrations have been used by: Fortnum & Mason, Carteirra, The Physicians’ Clinic, Kino Teatr, LCWaikiki, Wesley Barrell, RSPB, Christian Aid, Spaced 360, Loyton, CSL and more.