Chris Aitken

InSight Co-Ordinator


Chris Aitken is a graduate of The University of Salford with a masters in TV and Radio Scriptwriting, with an undergraduate degree in Journalism, Film Theory, Media and History from Edinburgh Napier University. As a writer he specialises in comedy, whether deliberately or inadvertently. He has several short films and sketches under his belt, working with award winning short filmmakers such as David Lilley, the BAFTA nominated Ben Mallaby and Turtle Canyon Films. He is somewhat still pinching himself that some of these directors felt these scripts were worthy of getting an Alexa to film them.


After making his first short comedy film, he felt there were no film festivals promoting the work of emerging talent specialising in this genre so started the short comedy film programme and festival; Short Com. Turns out there were two others, but that didn’t stop him. As the creative director of Short Com, he managed (well winged it) to grow its name and reputation as a leading programme and festival dedicated to the genre, screening in major cities such as London, Bristol, Edinburgh and Glasgow, where for two years was partner programme as part of the Glasgow Short Film Festival. Partnering up with brands such as Festival Formula (oh hello), Final Draft, Black Magic Design, mental health charities such as the SAMH and CALM, Short Com managed to award filmmakers with some fantastic prizes and donate over a thousand pounds to charity. After running Short Com as a programme and festival for four years, Short Com came to a sad end in March 2016 at the Hackney Attic in London. Short Com now exists as a feature and reviews website for film and live comedy, which Chris is the chief editor.


After Short Com, Chris started the PR venture To The Left PR for stand-up comedians performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. In his first year as a complete novice, he helped several clients be featured in major publications, such as The Guardian, I News, Times and The Scotsman. In the past he has script read for major production companies such as Sprout Pictures, Cowboy Films and the financiers, Cascade Pictures, where he was entrusted to evaluate scripts by notable Hollywood talent.


Chris is delighted to be part of the Festival Formula family and hold the role of Insight Coordinator. A company he holds in high regard for its expertise, passion work ethic and honesty. Despite being an adult, he still has to explain to his parents what he actually does.