From the mouths of interns: is it all about milk?


As the nights draw in and as most yuccies are forced to wear elf ears and stack shelves, put up tinsel at silly o'clock, and browse Ann Summers for the un-funny secret santa gift,  I sit in a quirky and cosy film studio in Greenwich.

Originally I was offered 4 weeks work-experience from Festival Formula back in May of this year. I was ecstatic thinking how great it would be to send my CV out after with this on it. Little did I know, 114 cups of tea later, I wouldn't need to be sending out any CV’s. For now anyway. (Spielberg if you’re reading this, please email me). 


I’d like to say it was my drive and passion that caught Ted’s eye and resulted in my hiring,  but It could just be that I always got the milk whenever we run out. (Spielberg, I will milk the cow for you son.) 


Going from intern to a team member in just 4 weeks was quite the accomplishment and I was very proud. However, what I appreciated the most was how the team made me feel like a reliable and a trusted team member, in both my creative ability and work ethic, so quickly. Festival Formula, for me, has opened the door to the creative film industry as well as having taught me invaluable business skills. For 2017, I  look forward to building on my personal success and helping to grow the company to a position I genuinely believe it deserves to be. So I will stop this filibuster here, and get on with doing so.


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