Today we spotlight a festival that not only focuses on environmental issues as part of the narrative, but on promoting green friendly film productions from the shoot onwards. Going Green Film Festival happens in April and it’s regular deadline is coming up 30th September, with later deadlines in November and December. We caught up with Festival Founder Patrice Williams to find out more about the festival, and how production companies can help the green movement…

Tell us a bit about your job, and what you do…

I’m the founder of a non-profit organization that decided to create the Going Green Film Festival as a fundraiser. A typical day has me fundraising for the charity, working on the placement of broadcast trainees (charity), going through 8 different email accounts and responding accordingly, garnering support for the festival and charity through media contacts, celebrity endorsements, etc; calling studios/tv shows for donations that can be sold on our online auction, updating multiple websites, advertising the charity, festival, auction items.
The festival focuses on, and encourages, green filmmaking. What can filmmakers do to keep their carbon footprint down? (From the smallest thing, to the largest!)

We have an entire list of ways to turn your production into a green production on our website. But a few suggestions include: Going paperless, reuseable water bottles instead of plastic bottles, using reclaimed wood to build sets, using non-toxic paints and recycling whenever possible. But one of the most important suggestions is submitting online screeners to festivals instead of sending a DVD through the mail.


Your festival is certainly niche in terms of the specification (and dedication!) that goes on behind the camera. What’s the one thing that you hope filmmakers will take on board from your festival in the future green wise?

We hope that they will “think how they can go green” from the writing of the script, to wrapping.
In the four years you’ve been running, what’s the biggest change you’ve seen as a festival?

Filmmakers are more familiar with green productions. It’s not so much a “head scratching concept” as it was before.


Sum up your festival in one sentence.

The Going Green Film Fest recognizes, encourages and rewards green filmmaking.
What’s your advice to someone who gets a rejection from a festival?

Don’t call them up (or email them) asking why.  Your film just wasn’t a fit at the time. Going forward, be choosy as to which festivals you submit to; making sure your film fits in the pocket of their concept.


Tell us the best and worst part of your job.

Worst: Fundraising. But a necessary evil. Best part? Discovering amazing films and feeling blessed that the filmmakers entrusted us with their babies.


Share with us one of your favourite films and tell us why you like it…

I have 8 favorite films that I watch every year; sometimes twice a year. From that list of eight, I’ve chosen the original “12 Angry Men” with Henry Fonda. The way the story unfolds is master storytelling at it’s finest. The performances, simply moving.


Thanks to Patrice for taking the time to speak to us about Going Green Film Festival, the regular deadline is coming up September 30th. Do check it out!

Patrice’s bio:

Patrice Williams founded the Minorities in Broadcasting Training Program in 1992.
Her program helps hundreds break into TV/radio news reporting (and film production). Her organization is supported by the likes of Sam Donaldson, Jane Pauley, Dan Rather, and more. She is also equally dedicated to writing. She is a WGA member, one of ten writer/director winners through Flicks on 66/Digi Fest, recipient of the Panasonic Digital Filmmaker Grant and the Founder/Director of the Going Green Film Festivaland 15 Second Phone Fest.


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