We’re always keen to find out about alternative film festivals, and Screen & Sound Fest is exactly one that fits the bill. Its backbone of exploration is how film and music can merge, but what’s interesting about this festival is people are asked to submit visualisations to pieces of music provided by the festival. The responses provided are limitless. Intrigued and fascinated, we spoke to composer Janusz Bielecki, one of the creators behind the festival…



You are known to the wide audience primary as a composer but it’s only a part of your cultural activities. 

For 7 years now I’m actively participating in artistic endeavours. Four years ago I decided to create Bielecki Art Foundation, which purpose is to create international, cultural events and youth education. Among others, it creates such events as a series of interactive concerts for children called “Children Melodies”. During the concerts  young audience not only is having fun while listening to music form their favourite cartoons, arranged for and performed by  a symphonic orchestra, but they also learn how to behave during a concert and get familiarised with different instruments. The Foundation also, for the second time, is the organiser of the Screen & Sound Fest. – Let’s see the music.

Currently I am concentrating on composing. I just finished a concert tour with my music in China. During seven exceptional concerts organized by an artistic agency All Muses, the audience  listened not only to my music but also to pieces by other European composers such as Tchaikovsky and a renowned Chinese composer Guan Xia. Currently in Poland my compositions are performed during the biggest organ summer festivals. Soon my newest composition entitle “Dance Miniatures” will premiere during the yearly Polish-Belgian Concert organized by the Foundation. I also participate in film productions, where I am responsible for music. We will soon start preparation for composing  music to a feature about Picasso. 


This is the second edition of Screen and Sound Fest, where did the idea come from?

I was looking for a brand new, original idea for an event that wouldn’t have any territorial or age barriers. I wanted it to be free of any technical limitations. The very idea of the competition, which is the main part of the Festival, came for my compositions, to be exact from piece entitled “Czasoprzestrzeń” on which basis a mini-play was created. Sound became the foundation for making images – and that is the primary aim of the competition, to create images inspired by music. “Czasoprzestrzeń” was presented during the first edition of the Festival and you can see it here:

The same technique was used when creating the movie “All about my parents”, that will soon premier in Poland. The director, before he started shooting, had the scrip and the music – on those foundations he started creating the images. I think that the integral relationship music and image is the beginning for creating a unique audio-visual work. I wanted that idea to be promoted during the Festival.


Modern composers chose specific piece to which participants of the competition have to create visualizations – this formula of the competition is very unique, why did you decide on it?

One of the key elements of the Festival is to create new ways of illustrating music – creating an image cannot have any boundaries. Through imposition of certain music pieces that the participants cannot modify, we encourage  them in a way to find new techniques of creation. We were surprised about the innovative approach of some of the last years contestants. They did not limit themselves to techniques such as film or animation but for example they were combining those two fields together . This is the reason we created Super Creator award category that is intended for people who break barriers of creating videos or animations.

It was also important for me that the Festival promote Polish composers. That’s why both first and the present edition features Polish works. Only  few Polish composers such as Chopin or Penderecki are known around the world and we do have many more great contemporary artists.

Of course, over time the festival will evolve – composers form different countries will appear, as well as the character of the music will change – we are open to new ideas and we are always looking for interesting musical areas to explore.


Why should filmmakers take part in the Festival? 

Thanks to the Festival new creators can reach a wider audience. Their visualisations will not only be presented during the Festival but they will be also featured on the Internet through various social media. For example on Facebook you will be able to vote for audience award. What’s more the Festival is creating the opportunity to establish further cooperation by meeting new people that have already achieved success in the film or music industry.

We hope that during the festival new artists and filmmakers  that use unknown techniques and new solutions will appear.  I believe that trough their innovative outlook they can change the way films are being produced, where music and image affect each other. I hope this idea of festival will take roots especially among young artists.



Thanks to Janusz for taking time to tell us more about the origins of this festival. Keep an eye out on their website for the announcement of the works nominated in the three competitive categories in October.

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