With our festival submission service we use a lot of different submission platforms for our clients, many that people have heard of, and some that folks haven’t. With more submission platforms springing up we thought it would be a good idea to get some insight from behind-the-scenes. So we’re very happy to speak to someone from one of the sites we use, Delia Guerra Parra of Movibeta.


Tell us a bit about your job, and what you do…

I am the manager of Movibeta and I have been involved in this project since the beginning. I look for film festivals that may want to use our service, and check that directors that submit with us have everything ready to meet the film festival requirements. I also check that once the film festival has open calls for their submissions with us, that they too meet our requirements. When a film festival does not meet our requirements we refund every payment and cancel the service. We keep on making improvements and adjust the tool for film festival requirements.


What is Movibeta?

The idea started 5 years ago, with the idea to provide a solution of delivering professional video through the internet and avoiding FTPs, and DVDs. Soon, with the help from ALCINE Film festival we focused on Film Festivals and directors. With us, film festivals have a complete tool to vote, and organize the films they get, we also offer to manage the entry fees.


Festival Formula uses Movibeta for its clients, as well as other submission platforms. What makes Movibeta different from the others?

No doubt about this question, it is a easy one:


We provide the best client service

We have the most reliable film festivals, since we have a continuous contact with them and…

We put ourselves in the director’s shoes to make sure each submission step is beneficial, since most of our colleagues are directors themselves


With more festivals accepting submissions via online platforms, have you seen an increase in festivals approaching you?



What’s your advice to someone who gets a rejection from a festival?

Search for a film festival that looks right for your film, be realistic, and try to be objective.


Tell us the best and worst part of your job.

WORST PART: Film festivals that are not as professional as they should be. Bureaucracy with institutions.

BEST PART: Connecting films with film festival, some (many) directors, and clients that reach us to tell us how we have helped them.


Share with us one of your favourite films and tell us why you like it…

I’m not into movies too much lately, it may sound weird but I’m taking a break. Besides from a few a month, I truly need a happy ending. Therefore nothing too touchy, nothing that may move me too much! I saw The Book Thief recently and loved it.


Thank you to Delia for taking time to speak more about Movibeta. Do check them out and add them to your list of submission platforms!

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