Festival Formula believes that one of the independent film community’s greatest strengths is its unwavering spirit of unity and collaboration across specialties and trades. Through our affiliate partnerships, we hope to play our part by joining forces with other companies who work tirelessly to champion filmmakers and film professionals at all stages of their career. Our commitment to education is key to promoting new talent and creating pathways into the industry for young and early career filmmakers. Our affiliate relationships with film schools and universities help to prepare the filmmakers of the future by equipping them with the knowledge and awareness needed to enter the festival circuit.

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Distributors and festival strategists have the same goal: To make sure the films we look after get as much exposure as possible. Though we play different roles in a film’s journey, we believe that festival strategists and film distributors can do more than simply co-exist in the same industry space- and by working together, we can take a film beyond its potential. Festival Formula is launching a new partnership programme for distributors who want to build their film’s pedigree before it is released. We are offering our Strategy Creation and Submissions Coverage services as an add-on to film distribution plans, providing the assurance that all aspects of the festival process are in the safest hands.